KING Pin with Lucas Wakamatsu


The “King pin/Queen pin” series highlights current rock stars of the creative industry! We pluck them out of our platform and put them in the hot seat.

caught up with Lucas Wakamatsu and this is what happened!

Dezo: Hey there! So, who are you and why should we care?

Lucas: I’m a illustrator based in Bauru (SP) – Brazil, still at the University and starting my career. affdff19645783.5634f2cb78a19

DezoNice. You’ve got our attention! What are you passionate about?

Lucas: I like bright colors, digital art, running, cooking and drinking a little bit after a hard day. I love other people’s work, and how their creations and ideas differ from one another. They inspire me to work and inspire others.

That’s very interesting! Got any dream work/job that you would like to do, and where would it be?

Lucas: I have a dream job, but it isn’t any closer to what I do today. I would like to run a small pub in a distant future.

DezoThat’s huge! Big plans going forward?

Lucas: Well, no big plans yet. I want to graduate and find a nice job.

DezoWe wish the best for your career, Lucas. It was a pleasure talking to you! Where can people find you?

Lucas: They can find me on FacebookBehance or Instagram.





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June 2016