We made Dezo to solve our own problem; not that of over exposure but that of obscurity. No one knows you exist. Period.

People tend to believe that they are "over-connected" through their social media presence on the internet. An average creative has about 5 different social media profiles to manage. HOW IS IT THAT WE still FIND IT HARD TO SHOWCASE EVERyTHING WE DO in one place? how is it that it is still hard to get the right opportunities?  how is it that our personal websites are always out-dated when we really need them?

We wanted to change that.

We set out to create a place for creatives, where they could showcase ALL of their activity in one place, REAL-TIME. That meant we had to integrate existing social media profiles in one place, and that is what we did. We created a real-time platform where creatives can showcase their activities from different social media channels.

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  • Having the heart in the right place is a good place to start. We love creativity. We want to do something for the creative community. This is our platform. We started our journey a few months ago in the quaint town called Bern in Switzerland. We have a small, globally distributed team working hard to make things work. Now, we are rolling out our platform for Beta users.
    Make this your platform.

    ali khan

The Fictional Story Of Dezo In An Ideal Universe.

Warning: This never happened.

“Man started to evolve, slowly but surely. Man got a haircut, shaved off the scruffy facial hair, bought nice clothes and started eating organic food.

We like to think that the story of Dezo is as old as the story of mankind. From times unkown, Man set foot in the world, discovered fire and the rest as they say is history. One discovery led to another and next thing you know, the creative Man was faced with a very real challenge; personal identity! In a rapidly changing world , Man was finding it excessively harder to showcase his skills midst all the creative noise out there. The creative Man bore the real brunt of the problem, who was not only a builder, but a painter, a collector, a writer but also a bathroom singer. Man was also using a lot of social media channels to express his creativity, but his efforts were fragmented and he found it hard to maintain them. And besides, no one knew he existed due to the excessive noise! It was becoming a pain to be a creative man.

Man had a real problem; how could he supercharge his personal brand by showcasing his work, build an audience and increase his visibility to improve his opportunities? Luckily, one night, Man gave Man a gift, the idea of Dezo was born.

Dezo connected Man`s social media profiles together in one place to create a super profile that were to remain updated…forever! Now Man could share that profile will everyone to showcase the depth of his creativity and since it would get updated real time, also the diversity of his activities. When ever man uploaded new videos on Youtube, added new photographs in Instagram, Tweeted out great advice or apdated his facebook, Dezo reflected all those changes together! Other people following Man on Dezo could now see what he was up to, driving them to his Instagram images, making them connect with him on Twitter and increasing views of his videos on Youtube! Man was to remain connected with his fellow creative peers, forever.

This led Man to get noticed by companies and he started getting better opportunities. Better opportunities led to more money. Man started to evolve, slowly but surely. Man got a haircut, shaved off the scruffy facial hair, bought nice clothes and started eating organic food. Man started making better and cleaner friends; man was starting to understand the relationship between being social, personal hygiene, and the power of connected creativity! For the first time in him life, Man was free! With the right tools at his disposal, meaning Dezo, Man was ready to showcase himself to the brave new world, a better, more connected version of him. The rest, they say is history.
(Man was seen last outside a classy restaurant, handing over the keys of his sports car to the valet, making threatening hand gestures.)