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Connect all your Social Media Profiles in one place to showcase your expertise and manage it through Dezo. 
Showcase, Collaborate and Hire  through one platform.

What happens when creatives have their social media profiles connected in one place?

YOu can see what everyone is working on in real-time! Discover real talent, hire or collaborate.
This is what separates dezo from the rest. 

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All your Social Media profiles connected in one place, your Super Profile!

We connect your social media profiles together in one place to showcase your Agency`s creativity. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Behance , Wordpress, Soundcloud or Dribble? Not a problem, we have it covered! 

Manage your social media from one place!

Agencies need to manage their social presence. You can connect and manage your social media posts Via Dezo. Add content and share it to your social media accounts immediately or create schedules throughout the week in advance! We support Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr with more coming.

POst unlimited* jobs Collaborate or Hire!

As an agency, you grow your network and use it to hire other creatives through our simple applicant tracking system. You can post jobs to attract the best candidates, manage or shortlist applicants or hire them. Even project collaboration are possible with other creatives. The most cost effective solution.* Unlimited jobs require a Dezo for business plan.

ALways updated!

Companies and agencies don`t always have time to update their website. We have taken that out of the equation! Dezo is always automatically up to date! No need to update your personal information, just keep on being social on other social medias and we take care of the rest.

So what can Dezo do for you in a nutshell?

We connect all your social meDIa profiles together in one place to make you more visible, help you manage your social media presence and help you hire the top talent.

our CREATIVE COMMUNITY- MAke them yours

We love to showcase our creative community! Have a look at some of our featured Creatives.

We offer the perfect plans for all Agencies. Don`t worry, you get started for free forever.

Setting up is fun, easy and totally free. We offer a range of tool for all types of Agencies, from connecting all their information together in one place to social media management. Get started for free.


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FREE Profile Creation
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Here are a few common question you might have. If you have more questions and we'll do our best to answer them at

  • What is Dezo?

    Good question! Dezo is a web platform that is designed for creatives who have multiple social media profiles. We connect those social media profiles together to create a Super Profile to showcase all of their work in one place.  We also provide the members with tools to share and schedule social media posting. Since other creatives are also connecting their work together, Dezo has an awesome creative community showcasing talent and inspirational work. Thus, it is possible to post jobs and hire other creatives or, as a matter of fact, get discovered on Dezo. 

  • How can I use Dezo?

    Great question! When you create an account, you create a creative identity on our platform where others can see who you are, what you do and what you share. That allows interactions, sometimes leading to new opportunities, but the best part is that you don`t have to sit there an wait, you can manage your creative brand to ensure success. As we are developing a platform with a lot of cool features for the creatives, an account creation is required in order to use Dezo. Its free for ever, so don`t worry!

    For Creatives/Agencies in Design Related Industries (Graphic Design, Architecture, Arts and Crafts, etc)
            -  Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram to Dezo. Showcase  your work regularly, update your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and always post related material to keep your followers engaged. Dezo can take care of that for you!

    For Creatives/Agencies in Audio/Visual Industries (Film making, Music, Performative Arts, Animation)
            - Connect your Soundcloud, Youtube or embed Vimeo Videos on Dezo. Showcase your work regularly and update your Facebook an Twitter regularly with creative content to keep your followers engaged. Dezo can take care of that for you!

    For Marketers, Product people/Brands
             - Connect your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr and Soundcloud.  Showcase your work, podcasts and keep the Social Media audience engaged with relevant media.

  • I already have a website, thank you. Why should I use Dezo?

    Thats great! You are well on your way. Well, the reality is that so do a billion plus people. In today`s world, if you want to stand out, you have to be active on a lot of different platforms and use them to make sure people get to you. A website is a static site, you have to tell people about it in order for it to be seen. Dezo on the other hand is everything that a website is PLUS a lot more. It is a network of connected platforms, people and their work. Secondly, its an awesome tool to connect everything you do online and show it in one place, a connected place with people who can see what you are doing (Like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Soundcloud, Youtube Etc). Thirdly, Dezo is an awesome social media management tool that you can use to make sure you are managing your social media profiles well to keep your network engaged. You can share awesome content, or create schedules for them to be posted later!  Fourthly, you can post jobs or project collaborations on Dezo and hire great people as you can see what they are up to. You can manage the applicants, email them or get them started on the job. I bet your website can`t do that. So we say, keep your website, and use Dezo to get discovered :)

  • I don`t use Social media at all. Should I still use Dezo?

    Well we`re afraid we would have to tell you that you MUST use social media to manage your online brand. It is so easy to get lost in today`s world. So, to answer your question, we suggest you start using social media and then come back, and use Dezo to manage your Social media and supercharge your brand! 


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